Listed here are a selection of online courses ranging from 10 -12 weeks to individual ‘Pick & Mix’ sessions 

NEW Pick & Mix ‘Winter Sunrise’

Paint this beautiful frosty winter sunrise in watercolours. Learn to create a variegated wash in the sky, paint winter trees and mix your own greys using watercolours from the comfort of your own home.

Once you have booked I will send you a link to the video demonstration which you can watch as many times as you like. You will also receive comprehensive written instructions and a reference photo to work from via email. After you have completed your painting you are welcome to send it in for some written feedback if you wish

Winter Sunrise Painting

Cost £11/£8 concession

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NEW Daily Drawing Challenge 2023

Monday 23rd January – Sunday 5th  February 2022

The Daily Drawing Challenge will take place online everyday over two weeks encouraging you to create a drawing a day.

Each day you will receive inspiration for a sketch or drawing from Anna through an online Facebook group which you can then interpret as you wish. Whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours it is up to you what materials you use and how you interpret the challenges.

You can also choose to post photos of your work in the group and see what others have drawn in response to the same task. However if you prefer you can receive the challenges through a daily email. After booking you will receive an invitation to join a closed Facebook group to receive the daily challenges therefore you will need to have a Facebook account if you want to join in sharing work in the group.   


Cost £21/£17 concession

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Online Courses

An online course is a longer 10 or 12 week course with a weekly or fortnightly video, written step by step instructions and reference photos sent to you via email each week.

All the online courses can be started at a time and date to suit you and completed at home at your own pace.

Throughout an online course are welcome to send in photos of your work for written feedback at any time. There is also an opportunity to have an individual online tutorial via Zoom with Anna at a time to suit during the course.

Please note references to dates and group tutorials on the videos are no longer valid. 

Watercolour & Acrylics for All: Back to Basics 

12 week online course.  8 projects

This 12 week course is aimed at going back to basics with watercolour and acrylics while also offering an enjoyable range of subjects including still life, a Whitby scene, puffins and even a highland cow! 

We will cover the fundamentals of painting in both these mediums including choosing materials, learning painting techniques, colour theory & basic guidance in drawing. There is lots of scope to take projects in your own direction or you can simply follow the step by step instructions.

This course will suit a wide range of experience but is aimed at beginners or those feeling a little rusty.

Cost £80 or £64 concession

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Painting and Drawing for All: Round the World! 

10 week online course. 8 projects

On this course you will explore different cultures, landscapes, people and cities from around the world in an exciting whistle stop tour of the globe. Travel in your mind and imagination to paint and draw a diverse range of subjects on this theme including Cuban cars, an indigenous portrait and Scandinavian folk art. 

Materials covered on the course include watercolours, acrylics, charcoal and ink. 

Suitable for all experiences as you will be guided step by step through each project.

Cost £80 or £64 concession 

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Painting & Drawing for All:  Natural Forms, Leisure Time, A British Summer

11 week online course.   11 projects

This exciting 11 week course has 3 themes; Nature, Leisure and A British Summer with subjects including figures, portraits, landscape, plants and birds. We will also reference various artists along the way  including Cezannes’ card players, Wayne Theibauds’ Ice Cream paintings and Sheffield artist Kenneth Steels’ railway posters.

We will cover a wide range of materials including charcoal, soft pastel, watercolour, ink and acrylics.

Suitable for all experiences as you will be guided step by step through each project.

Cost £110 /£88 concessions

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Painting and Drawing for All: Land, Sea, Ancient, Modern

11 week online course.  11 projects

We will work within the 4 themes of land, sea, ancient and modern to paint and draw subjects as varied as an octopus , a geisha print from Japan and architectural details in the style of Ruskin. There will also be references to a different artist for each project.  

We will cover a very wide range of materials including; soft pastels, pencil, acrylics, collage, coloured pencils, ink and watercolours. Optional materials; Inktense pencils, rice paper, Quink ink and gold leaf.

Suitable for all experiences as you will be guided step by step through each project.

Cost £110 or £88 concession

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Pick & Mix Videos 

One off video demonstrations

Choose from these one off video demonstrations which you can dip into as and when you choose, each one is like going to an individual class but you can do them at your own pace.

Once you book on an individual demonstration you will receive a link to the specific video or several shorter videos in parts with written instructions and a reference photo. You can watch the video whenever you choose and as often as you like. Once you complete your painting you are welcome to email it to Anna for feedback if you wish.

£11 or £8 concession per demonstration.

Pick & Mix ‘Lavender & Bees’

Transport yourself to a sunny day in the garden and create a beautiful summery painting of bumble bees and lavender flowers. Learn to use masking fluid, washes and wet in wet techniques using watercolours in a variety of pinks, purples and blues. 

This one off demonstration video comes with step by step written instructions and reference photos to work from to a sunny day in the garden.


£11 or £8 concession

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Pick & Mix ‘Sheep in the Snow’

Paint this winter themed piece in acrylics of a flock of sheep in a snowy landscape.

Learn to capture the soft snow and fluffy sheep using dry brush and scumbling techniques as a way to build up fine layers of gauzy paint. You’ll also learn to mix just 3 colours and a white to create all the shades you’ll need for the sheep, snow and winter trees.

This step by step video is in 4 parts; Part 1 Introduction and materials, part 2 starting your painting, part 3 scumbling techniques to create the base layers and part 4 adding detail to the sheep with dry brush techniques.

Image for marketing

£11 Full price   £8 Concession   Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Charcoal Portrait of Miner’

Draw this expressive portrait of a miner using charcoal. Learn how to draw the correct proportions of the face by creating an ‘arabesque’ and create a range of textural effects and tonal gradations using the wonderfully expressive medium of willow charcoal.

£11 full price or £8 concession Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Galloping Horses’ in Acrylics

Learn to paint these wild horses galloping towards you with lots of movement to the brush and palette knife work. You will also learn two different drawing techniques to draw the horses in the correct proportions.

Galloping Horses Demo PIece

£11 full price or £8 concession Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Windmill’ Demonstration

Learn to paint a windmill against a dramatic sky using watercolours and watercolour pencils. You’ll also learn how to use masking fluid and create wet in wet washes to produce this atmospheric scene
Windmill demo Pick & Mix

£11 full price or £8 concession Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Summer Meadow’ Demonstration

Learn how to paint a Summer Meadow in acrylics. You’ll also learn how to add texture to your paint and use a simple printing technique for the stems.

Finished Demo Piece

£11 full price or £8 concession Book here 

Pick & Mix ‘Bird and Blossom’ Demonstration

Learn to paint beautiful spring blossom and a colourful Blue Tit using wet in wet watercolour techniques.

£11 full price  or £8 concession Book Here