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Classes for the New Year 

I will be posting information about classes for the New Year very soon. Classes start back on the week beginning the 17th January.

Please watch this space for more details or sign up to the mailing list on the form below. 





Watercolour and Acrylic Painting for All 

12 weeks starting 20th September 2021 Online

In this 12 week course we will go back to basics with watercolour and acrylics covering an exciting and diverse range of subjects such as atmospheric skies in watercolour, colourful puffins, willow pattern vases and a view of Whitby to name just a few.

Whether you are a beginner, a little ‘rusty’ or have attended previous classes, this course will suit a wide range of experiences. We will cover the fundamentals of painting, going back to basics with both watercolours and acrylics but have scope for taking projects in different creative directions depending on your preferences and experience. 

Receive 8 video demonstrations, written instruction sheets and photo references over 12 weeks.  Work in the comfort of your own home at a time and pace to suit you. There is also the opportunity to take part in 3 group tutorial sessions via Zoom over the term to discuss your work. (Alternatively you can send work in via email for written feedback)

£80  (£64 concession)
Book Here

Painting and Drawing for All;  Online 11 week course

This 11 week course can be started at a time to suit you and completed in the comfort of your own home with ongoing support and feedback from Anna. The course covers 3 themes; Natural Forms, Leisure Time and A British Summer giving you the opportunity to explore plants, birds, landscapes, figures, portraits and still life as subject matter. A diverse range of materials are used including watercolour, ink, soft pastel, charcoal and acrylics.

The online course can be started at a time to suit you. Once you book and select your start date you will then receive 11 weekly videos with a comprehensive step by step demonstration each time. To accompany this you will also receive weekly written instructions and photo references to work from. You can choose to email in photos of completed work at anytime throughout the course to receive written feedback and support from Anna.  

Fee £110 / £88 concession  

To register your interest please send an email to

Pick & Mix Videos 

One off video demonstrations

Choose from these one off video demonstrations which you can dip into as and when you choose, each one is like going to an individual class but you can do them at your own pace.
There are wide selection of subjects and media to choose from including galloping horses, a charcoal portrait and a watercolour windmill.
Once you book on an individual demonstration you will receive a link to the specific video or several shorter videos in parts with written instructions and a reference photo. You can watch the video whenever you choose and as often as you like. Once you complete your painting you are welcome to email it to me for feedback if you wish.

£11 or £8 concession per demonstration.

Pick & Mix ‘Sheep in the Snow’

Paint this winter themed piece in acrylics of a flock of sheep in a snowy landscape.

Learn to capture the soft snow and fluffy sheep using dry brush and scumbling techniques as a way to build up fine layers of gauzy paint. You’ll also learn to mix just 3 colours and a white to create all the shades you’ll need for the sheep, snow and winter trees.

This step by step video is in 4 parts; Part 1 Introduction and materials, part 2 starting your painting, part 3 scumbling techniques to create the base layers and part 4 adding detail to the sheep with dry brush techniques.

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£11 Full price   £8 Concession   Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Charcoal Portrait of Miner’

Draw this expressive portrait of a miner using charcoal. Learn how to draw the correct proportions of the face by creating an ‘arabesque’ and create a range of textural effects and tonal gradations using the wonderfully expressive medium of willow charcoal.

£11 full price or £8 concession Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Galloping Horses’ in Acrylics

Learn to paint these wild horses galloping towards you with lots of movement to the brush and palette knife work. You will also learn two different drawing techniques to draw the horses in the correct proportions.

Galloping Horses Demo PIece

£11 full price or £8 concession Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Windmill’ Demonstration

Learn to paint a windmill against a dramatic sky using watercolours and watercolour pencils. You’ll also learn how to use masking fluid and create wet in wet washes to produce this atmospheric scene
Windmill demo Pick & Mix

£11 full price or £8 concession Book Here

Pick & Mix ‘Summer Meadow’ Demonstration

Learn how to paint a Summer Meadow in acrylics. You’ll also learn how to add texture to your paint and use a simple printing technique for the stems.

Finished Demo Piece

£11 full price or £8 concession Book here 

Pick & Mix ‘Bird and Blossom’ Demonstration

Learn to paint beautiful spring blossom and a colourful Blue Tit using wet in wet watercolour techniques.

£11 full price  or £8 concession Book Here