Feedback from ‘in person’ classes

“Anna offers a constructive and enthusiastic approach to Art. She is  always encouraging and gives positive advice on one’s work. Art with a smile and sometimes with delightful innovation and surprise.” David

“Anna’s relaxed and varied teaching style has introduced me to a wide range of art techniques and media. She has given me the confidence to have a go, which is no mean feat for someone who was written off by the Art teacher at school. Her willingness to embrace new or novel techniques makes her sessions interesting. I always look forward to my next course with her.” Phil

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me back into painting. I can’t believe we’ve covered so much ground in such a short time. I love your techniques as well as your encouraging and supportive tuition. I can’t wait to start again in September.” Lesley 

“If you want to learn to draw and/or paint I highly recommend Anna’s courses and workshops.  From Drawing and Painting for the Terrified onwards Anna’s encouragement has developed my skills in a wide variety of mediums. The well planned termly courses revolve around different themes and mediums with a good balance of tutor demonstration followed by guided practical work.  There is also the chance to carry out individual projects to further develop skills within each themed block and to enjoy and learn from other students’ work in a relaxed and friendly group.” Lyn

“I have attended Anna’s art classes for about 10 years. I started having absolutely no background in art and now feel competent in acrylics, watercolours (just), mixed media, pencil, inks, charcoal, pastels and more. What I have enjoyed most is the experience of learning. We are continually gaining new skills and building on those we already know. For example, when we started learning to draw portraits Anna advised us not to try drawing a smile because they often turn out looking a bit gruesome. Then later we learnt the technique involved in drawing a smile. This slow steady process of learning works. Best of all, art class is great fun and has become over the years a very special social anchor in my life.” Colleen

“Anna is a diligent and enthusiastic Art Teacher who inspires us all to think outside the box and to paint from the heart I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student of hers for the past eight years.” Samantha 

“Anna is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher demonstrating her numerous artistic skills in her art classes.” Marion

“Interesting, helpful and fun! Well worth it.” Ken

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH yet again for an enjoyable and well constructed course, which nudged, rather than pushed me into areas of work that I would not otherwise have ventured into.” Cath

Feedback from the online courses

“Thank you so much for such a wide-ranging course from the point of view of topics and materials. I’ve  greatly admired the multi-media  presentation of the course with the stimulus of texts, a great selection of photos, and your amazing videos, so well crafted  with the demonstrations, descriptions and advice. And of course the follow up of  feedback  by Zoom meetings and email..It’s been a great experience.” Lesley 

“I’ve really enjoyed the on line course with all the new ways of taking part. I particularly  like being able to stop and start the video and replay parts of it. It’s great to have the notes as well which really help. And it works so well to have the zoom sessions and see what the rest of the group have been doing.” Jenny

“I do want to say a big thank you for the course. You have given us experience of such a wide range of techniques and materials and your videos are so clear and well planned.” Sara